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Low Maintenance Hairstyles & Colours To Consider

A visit to the hairdressers may seem like a distant memory at the moment and, according to the many messages and emails that we have been receiving over recent weeks……top of our clients priority list as soon as our world begins to return to normal.  Yes, we miss you too, more than you will ever know!

During this time away from the salon, we’ve taken some time to answer some of our most frequently asked questions!


I love visiting you at the salon and my hair looking good is an absolute priority but my life is pretty chaotic and I can’t always get to the hairdressers as often as I’d like to.  Do you  have any tips for low-maintenance haircuts & colours. 


Luckily, there are lots of hairstyles and colours that are low to maintainance even if you don’t have time to regularly visit us.   During your hair appointment, we will advise you on the best treatments and products to use at home to ensure that your hair looks its very best and remains healthy in between your visits to us at the salon.

The Low Maintainance Cuts & Colours We Love!


The balayage technique is used to create natural-looking highlights using a free-hand painting approach that sweeps on hair colour. Our balayage specialists have been expertly trained to ensure that each stroke blends into the hair to create a seamless finish. Unlike traditional highlights, the top of the hair is generally left darker, so there’s no need to worry about roots coming through and having to book a last-minute appointment at the hairdressers. You can leave around 8-12 weeks between balayage appointments. You may need to pop into the salon for a quick toner in between your regular appointments to keep your lighter hair refreshed.  

The Bob 

Unless you’re adamant about having your bob at a certain length, which does take some up keep, the bob is a versatile and low maintenance hairstyle that offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with different lengths. A well cut jaw-grazing bob that is left for around 8 weeks will perfectly grow into a shoulder length bob or lob before getting it cut again.   Ideally you should be revisiting us for a trim as regularly as possible to keep all those split ends at bay.


One of the biggest upkeep tasks for those who are dyeing their hair is covering up greys. But why not embrace them? Blend your gray and non-gray strands together with highlights and lowlights, making the transition easier and chicer and reducing the moments of panic when you see a grey hair in the mirror. 

Long Hair 

Long hair does require regular trims approximately every 8-10 weeks, but this simply means booking in for a quick cut and blow and having an inch taken off the bottom of your hair, making it seriously low maintenance.