Find The Perfect Haircut To Suit You

Are you considering a new you? You are leaving lockdown with a desire to transform the way you look (as well as loosing a few bad habits and adding a few new life rules)! Well, if your post lockdown goals include finding the perfect haircut that suits your face-shape, enhances your features, works your lifestyle and compliments your haircolour then a visit to The Green in Horsforth is a must. There is no denying, considering a total hair transformation can be quite a daunting task and our expertly trained hair specialists can’t wait to help you find your new you! 

If you’re ready for a hair makeover, follow this guide :   –

#1. If you have free time during lockdown, why not enjoy browsing the net, flicking through your favourite glossy magazines and stalking your style icons for inspiration.

#2. Don’t assume that a new haircut means a dramatic chop……you can Search for styles that will keep your length whilst updating your look.

#3. Keep a hair album on your smart phone and each time you spot a look that you love, screenshot and pop it in! It is so helpful to us hairdressers to visually understand exactly what hairstyle or hair colour you are hoping for.

#4. You need to make sure that it is hair you love and not the models face. Cover her face before you make the decision.

#5. Taking your hair colour hair colour into consideration is also important as a great haircut can really compliment highlights, low lights and the Balayage technique.  

#6. Visit a professional hairdresser and always trust the opinion of your hair expert.

If you live in Horsforth, Leeds or the surrounding areas then please call up to organise a consultation.