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Protect Your Hair From The Damaging Effects Of Sunshine

We’re wishing you all lots of fun in the sun over the coming weeks but please take note of our gentle reminder to take care of your hair and scalp!


“UVB rays (the kind that burn our skin) oxidize the hair and break down the proteins in the hair that keep it healthy. The result is weaker hair and duller looking colour. The sun can also take moisture away from your hair, leaving it drier, frizzier and rougher in texture”.

We totally understand that during lockdown life, your hair colour will be in need of some serious attention, your split ends could be pretty dramatic and your neat little bob may well be way down past your shoulders but please don’t give up! We need you to return to us with strong, healthy and hydrated hair that is well-prepared for your beautiful colour to resume!


/ If you have milk_shake SUN & MORE Sun Protectionthen make sure you apply it regularly (just visit our online shopping service if you need to purchase more)

/ If you don’t have access to a bottle of Hair Sun Protection, wear a hat or keep your hair in the shade

/ Treat your hair to a weekly mask. We LOVE the milk_shake Milk & Yogurt Masks which you can shop for by clicking here

/ Drink plenty of water

/ Choose your food wisely. There are lots of hair superfoods that will really boost the integrity of your hair. Add oily fish such as salmon, foods rich in proteins such as chicken and eggs, berries which are incredible antioxidants, avocados and nuts to your diet.

Need to book your post-lockdown appointment at The Green Hairdressers Horsforth? Visit our online booking service in the side bar. We are currently taking bookings from 4th July but please be aware that this is subject to government guidelines.