Can your haircut really improve the way your colleagues & friends think about you?



Make no mistake, your hair, along with your smile leaves a lasting impression and there is no doubt that a good haircut can be just as powerful as a facelift in Harley Street! Well cut and coloured hair improves wearability, manageability, versatility and of course….can change the contouring of your face.




A visit to your hairdresser before an important business meeting or job interview will offer a power-shot of confidence and a boost in self-esteem like no other, as well as creating that professionally polished image that colleagues and future colleagues will only admire and respect.


Healthy hair suggests that you care for yourself and take pride in your appearance so be prepared to invest in deep treatments and oils that give you the opportunity to indulge your hair.




Regardless of if you are working as the Prime Minister (think Theresa May’s Power Bob), an athlete (Jessica Ennis’s luscious, healthy, lob) or an international supermodel (think Cara Delevingne’s front page headlines) your haircut and colour should reflect your personality, your lifestyle as well as complimenting your complexion and your facial features.



At The Green hairdressers in Horsforth, we offer in-depth consultations to ensure that you walk away from your appointment with the haircut and colour of your dreams that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. If you would like your power-shot of confidence then click here to book now!

All images courtesy of Concept & milk_shake Haircare