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Blonde Ambition

Caring for you blonde can be challenging but stick to our rules and you can have the blonde locks of your dreams!


Don’t Over Wash Your Hair

Hair becomes yellow (lighter blondes) or brassy (darker blondes and brunettes) for many reasons, but, how often you wash your hair plays a huge role!  Wash less!  The more you wash the hair, the faster it will go yellow or brassy because shampooing strips the colour pigments.  Always try to use sulphate and paraben free shampoo to limit colour fade.

Find The Right Shampoo & Conditioner

Choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner that has been personally prescribed for your blonde locks is a must.  There are many shades of blondes and each blonde has a different texture and differing issues (too curly, dry & damaged, oily!).  Finding the correct shampoo to remove brassy tones and a conditioner that rehydrates your tresses is a must, but remember to ask our colour specialists for their advice.  We love milk_shake Silver Shine for cool tones and the Organic Sweet Camomile for healthy blondes.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Keeping your hair hydrated is essential if you want to keep it looking healthy.  Dehydrated hair is, in most cases, a result of sunlight exposure, mechanical damage (brushing, styling), heat exposure and of course chemical exposure (peroxide, ammonia, pool chlorine, salt, acids and alkalis).  Blonde hair generally requires more intense chemical exposure which leaves the hair more porous.
Porous hair readily gains and loses water to the air around it because it is no longer protected by a tight seal of cuticles.  To overcome this problem, we recommend our clients treat their hair to a regular mask.  Our colour specialists will prescribe you a suitable home treatment regime.

Protect From The Damaging Effects Of Heat Styling Tools

Straightening irons, the magic wand or simply your trusted hairdryer can cause considerable damage to your tresses.  It is always good to go au-natural when at all possible, but, we completely understand that this is unrealistic for most of our clients.  If you need to use heat to style your hair (let’s face it – who doesn’t!) then protection is an absolute must.  We love milk_shake’s Thermo Protector Spray!

Keep Your Hair Out Of The Sunshine

The sunshine not only alters the colour of your hair but has a huge impact on moisture levels.  Hats and scarves are the best immediate defence, but, if your hair is going to be in direct sunlight it’s imperative that you prep it using a heat protection product with UV Filters.  Many of our clients take care of their hair whilst on holiday yet forget about the damaging effects of the English sunshine during day to day summer life.  milk_shake SUN & MORE is the ultimate protection and hydration for your tresses.

Regularly Visit Your Stylist & Colourist

We strongly recommend that you leave highlights, ombre, balayage and platinum blondes to the experts.  Lightening hair will always have a damaging effect – a professional colourist can not only can guarantee that the colour is going to look good, but you can also rest assured that the hair will be left in the best possible condition.  At The Green we always recommend our Wellaplex treatments that specifically ensure the best results when lightening the hair.

Regular trimming reduces split ends – you should consider a visit to your stylist every 6 to 10 weeks to keep your hair in optimal condition.

Are you looking for a hair salon in Horsforth?  Get in touch – we’d love to transform your colour!