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Your Wedding Day Hair Countdown

Sensational wedding hair!  Your guide!

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BRIDAL hairdressers in horsforth

Having a gorgeous mane on your wedding day requires pre-planned colour appointments, a wedding hair trial and an investment in nourishing home care treatments and products.  Our bridal hair experts at The Green are on hand to help – from the initial consultation right through to your big day, we will guide and inspire you to ensure that your hair makes you look and feel the most special version of yourself!

From the early pre-planning hair appointment, your final cut and colour, to your bridal style on the day,  there is a lot to consider as a bride to be!

Where to find inspiration?

Social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are where you will find the most creative ideas for your wedding day. From the traditional fairytale to the damn right, out of this world. We will always be forever thankful for those people that set up dedicated pages for times like these. Up, down, braided or tousled, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention how you will accessorise. A veil, flowers or beads, what will you choose?

wedding hair horsforth and leeds

When should you visit the salon for the first time?

Once you’ve set the theme and picked out your dress, what better excuse to get the bridesmaids together for a pampering session than a hair trial? This is vital in your wedding planning process for two reasons:


1. It might be that the style you had always visioned, may not suit the style of your dress or it could be you just don’t like it. It’s important that you find out now to save your tears on the big day.

2.  It may be that your go-to hairdresser isn’t the person for the job. If you have something really creative in mind and it isn’t their speciality, you will still have time to find someone that can create what you’re looking for.


How to prepare your hair for the big day?

Getting perfectly soft, nourished hair doesn’t always happen overnight. Start your preparation early by including these super-foods within your diet:

/ Salmon needs to be at the top of your shopping list. It’s packed with protein, omega-3 and vitamin B12 to give your hair some added shine.

/ Brazil nuts, pecans, cashews and pumpkins seeds all contain properties that will help intensify your natural hair colour.
/ Not that you need an excuse to eat chocolate, but the high cocoa kind will help you get to the healthy and nourished hair stage. By increasing blood flow and oxygen to the scalp the iron, copper and zinc will get the cell renewal well on its way.

/ Hoping to achieve more length? Coconut oil is said to make the hair grow faster.


You could also try the milk_shake integrity range to get your hair in tip-top condition. Take salon standard treatments home with you by mixing the integrity murumuru butter with the intensive treatment to create a beautiful hair mask. Use 50% of each product to make enough to cover the hair after shampooing, leave in for 3-5 minutes, comb and rinse.

This is something you can enjoy with your girls for a night of strategic wedding planning and all of the ingredients are guilt-free and good for the hair.

The morning of the wedding:

This is time for you to sit back and relax with your girls. At this point, you will know what to expect meaning you can leave the hard work to the professionals and the stressing out to your mum.

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If you are a bride, Mother of the Bride or a guest that wants to look fabulous, why not contact our reception team and book your consultation today.