Reverse The Hair Damage

There are occasions when good hair goes wrong.  Perhaps you have tried some hair colour DIY or you’ve been over using the straighteners.  As hairdressing specialists, the team at The Green are the people to visit to reverse hair damage!


Has your hair gone wrong?

It’s ok. Don’t panic. We’ve all been there and our hair stylists at Number 2 The Green are expertly trained in the reversing some of the worst hair mishaps. Whether a box dye has gone wrong or you’ve left the curling tongs on for a little too long, we are here to help with all aspects of hair damage. We’ve even listed some ways you can reverse the damage yourself.

Time your trims

It’s true, by popping in for a regular trim, your hair will grow faster. It will also keep the ends of your hair looking sharp and banish those frazzled split ends. It’s recommend that you have a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair in tip top condition.

Hair TLC

When was the last time you really gave your hair some TLC? Is it about time you treated yourself to a deep conditioning treatment? Wrap your hair up in a towel so it has a chance to really absorb the nourishing properties of the hair mask for the best results. If you’re not so sure about doing it yourself, pop into the salon and we’ll talk you through our treatment menu:

•The Milk Mask: For dry or damaged hair.
•The Yogurt Mask: For normal or coloured hair.
•milk_shake Integrity System for all hair types

Switch up your shampoo routine

You’ll know when it’s time to switch your shampoo. It just doesn’t seem to have the effect out used to have. If you’re hair is dry and dehydrated then it is even more important. Choose a product target is designed to target your hair type. At Number 2 The Green we have a delicious range of milk_shake shampoo and conditioner combos. Whether your hair is need of colour protection or a dose of integrity, we can help you choose the right product for your hair type. With the majority of products SLS and pardon free, you can sleep easy knowing its good for your hair, and won’t strip any of its colour.

Vegetable power

As hard as it is to admit, vegetables are vital in improving the strength and shine or your hair, skin and nails. By choosing fruit and vegetables that are rich in B12, iron and zinc will really benefit the condition of your hair. Drinking your recommended daily amount of water will flush out those unwanted toxins, keeping your body and your hair fully hydrated.

Turn down the heat

We get it, it’s just not ideal to cut down the heat styling, especially when your hair needs to be tamed. However, cutting down your use of the hairdryer, straighteners and curling tongs every now and then will work wonders on your hair. Even just by letting your hair air dry once or twice a week, you’ll notice a vast difference in the condition of your hair.


Pop in for some pamper time

If you’re still totally against trimming your hair or stopping the heat styling. Pop in and see us at Number 2 The Green hair salon in Horsforth. With our range of milk_shake treatments, there are ways of reversing damage whilst still pursuing your hair dreams.